Detroit Pistons vs. Denver Nuggets — NBA Highest Scoring Game (186-184)

Highlights of the highest scoring game in NBA league history. If the Association wants me to remove this clip, then please send me an email.


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21 comments on “Detroit Pistons vs. Denver Nuggets — NBA Highest Scoring Game (186-184)
  1. USA Mapping says:

    my right ear is lonely 🙁

  2. 0:47 you should be ashamed man lol

  3. jake peralta says:

    the crowd left at the end _, idiots.

  4. Grace halash says:

    GO PISTONS!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. S2N GHOST says:

    Lol who ever missed the 1st shot had to feel salty

  6. Last night, they almost beat their total score!!! The NBA All-star 2016 racked up a total score of 369!! This means that's one point below the highest score in history (370). But the thing is that the team score was 10 points higher than 186 which is the highest team score in NBA history. They had a score ratio of 196 to 173 and it was the best basketball game I've ever watched.

  7. some crazy crap right there

  8. master 82575 says:

    best game in nba history

  9. boneair says:

    before anyone mentions (and they will) this was filmed with shit camera

  10. What if this was on purpose and both teams talked about it lol

  11. ryan carlino says:

    Any people have the nerve to say that defense was better back then give me a break

  12. David Marino says:

    Did defense exist back then?

  13. daveyork0 says:

    Looks like they paid those niggas by the point back then

  14. how many OT i think 5-6

  15. Hans Ordona says:

    Almost everyone in the crowd left lol

  16. IgorSaray says:

    "Good defense but just better offence" – Jeff van Gundy 🙂

  17. Did they know what defense was back then.

  18. Norg1 says:

    dang suck ass Defense LOL

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